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Tuition is based on an annual fee, is divided into monthly payments, and is non-refundable. Tuition payments are due the 1st week of each month, regardless of any absences.  There are no refunds or deductions for classes not attended and a $10.00 late fee is charged for any unpaid accounts on the 1st of the following month. A $30.00 fee is assessed for any returned checks per bank policy.


If tuition has not been paid after 2 months of classes attended by a student, the student will be put on suspension until tuition is paid in full.  Tuition is still rendered for students on injury probation.  Should a student quit after the add/drop period ends, the student/family is required to pay full tuition for the remainder of the season.

Payments can be made by cash, PayPal, Venmo, or by

check - payable to "Natalie's School of Champions"

Our POS system through Square is also available

at the studio for credit cards, but is subject to an

additional service fee.

Class Pricing

*All classes (baton & dance) are held once a week for 30 mins.*

1 style  = $35.00 per month

2 styles = $70.00 per month

3 styles = $90.00 per month

4 styles = $115.00 per month

5 styles = $130.00 per month

6 styles = $156.00 per month

7 styles = $168.00 per month

8 styles = $192.00 per month


Student is registered for Ballet & Tap = 2 styles = Total tuition is $70.00 per month

*A sibling discount is available for those with multiple children*

Private Lessons are available with any NSC teacher by appointment only & is scheduled by the Director.  Private Lesson cost is $35.00 per lesson.

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