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Proudly serving Western Pennsylvania & our local communities for 50 years,

we are the areas leading performing arts studio that offers both baton twirling classes & a wide variety of dance styles.


Baton Twirling


Advanced & Competition Teams



Novice & Beginner Levels

Core Curriculum:  Multiple Baton, Exchanges, Footwork, Coordination, Spins, Marching, Modeling, Flexibility, Majorette/Feature Twirler Preparation, Pageant Preparation & more.




Intermediate & Advanced Levels

Core classes include: ​Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, & Hip Hop


Novice & Beginner Levels 

Core classes include: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, & Hip Hop


Private Lessons

Wednesday's & Friday's:

Private lessons with any NSC Instructor are available by appointment only & scheduled by the Director.  


Yearly private lessons are held weekly or bi-weekly.  Students in their 3rd year of solo/private lessons are eligible to perform their solo routine in the spring recital.

Who are we?

At NSC, we are a family centered studio who's curriculum is based on child development with focus on each child's individuality & needs, while growing their performing arts skills, education, paving the way for their success not only as dancers & twirlers, but young people in our communities.

What age ranges & abilities do you serve?

Classes are available to children ages 4-18 for new beginner students who have no prior experience up to advanced elite students.

How do you place students?

All students are assessed & placed properly by their age, experience, & technical abilities. 

Classes are scheduled with our youngest students in mind, beginning in the early evening & concluding the night with our eldest students.

Both recreational & competitive classes are available.

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